Below is a list of slides, videos and recordings related to talks and podcast interviews I’ve given.


hnycon 2021 - Honeycomb & OpenTelemetry: Instrumentation Should be Boring

I outlined how Honeycomb has approached the OpenTelemetry project and how I personally hope that instrumentation becomes something that engineers don’t think much about.

Screaming in the Cloud - Best Practices Don’t Exist

I had a fun conversation with Corey Quinn from the Duckbill Group on their podcast Screaming in the Cloud. Corey and I talked about the idea of best practices, optimizing for delivery and feedback loops, and why language bigotry is awful.


Cloud Native Camp - Vendor Neutral Instrumentation with OpenTelemetry

This was a very hands-on talk and includes an actual demo. I wanted to demonstrate using the OpenTelemetry Collector to create custom trace pipelines that can send trace data to multiple vendors or tracing backends.

Chaoos Conf - Embracing Chaos - w/ Ana Medina

Ana Medina and I shared stories about introducing Chaos Engineering programs at a variety of companies.

Postmortems - From Chores to Masterclasses

The idea of learning from incidents goes way beyond what we used to call “post-mortem analysis”. In this talk I described some of the various things I’ve done with teams to go behind the “what went well, what went wrong, what are the action items” model of conducting incident post-mortems.


The Cloudcast - Chaos Engineering & Team Health

I chatted with Brian from The Cloudcast in prep for my talk at Velocity Berlin. We chatted about the impact that Chaos Engineering can have on team health and how teams approach delivering software.

Break Things on Purpose

This was a fun conversation with Jacob and Rich from Gremlin. We dove into the history of chaos engineering, how I personally got my start in the practice, and where we see things going in the SRE world.


Papers We Love Toronto - CRDTS: Consistency without Concurrency Control

This was one of the more intimidating talks I’ve given, both because of the academic nature of the topic and the education level of the audience! I don’t have a computer science degree, and I was not accustomed to reading papers about distributed systems. The idea of CRDTs caught my attention, however, and I decided to try and summarize a paper on the topic.


QCon - Breaking the Monolith - Organizing your Team to Embrace Microservices

Microservices are an often misunderstood architectural pattern. I wanted to give a practical overview of how we approached deconstructing our monolith into microservices.