I’m really excited to announce that I’ve joined the team at Krux Digital. Krux was founded last year and have since been busy building products that help content publishers responsibly manage their consumer data.

Krux’s work touches on two areas very near and dear to my heart: user privacy and the proliferation of third-party Javascript. Writing third-party Javascript (social widgets, analytics, ad scripts, etc) is a great way to build distributable web applications (Ben Vinegar and Anton Koyalyov from Disqus are even writing a book on the subject). I think content publishers deserve good tools to manage and monitor code included on their sites. I’m thrilled that Krux is creating these and I look forward to helping them. I’m also really excited that they’re looking way beyond ads.

Krux is based in San Francisco. They’ve got a great office in SoMa. I won’t be moving there though, instead I’ll be the first Toronto employee.

Tech-wise, I’ll still be writing a lot of Python code. I’m sure I’ll get my hands dirty in some less familiar areas though, as they use a lot of cool tech. One of the first things I’m tackling is their deployment process. At the moment, some pieces of Krux’s infrastructure are being deployed continuously and some are not. I want to see every project deployed continuously with thorough test coverage and aggressive monitoring. I expect I’ll have a few blog posts about that coming up :-)

I’m excited to be joining Krux at such an early stage. They’ve done a ton of work already, but I feel like they’re just getting started. I’ll be joining talented folks like Jos Boumans, Nick Sullivan and Krux’s founders, Tom Chavez and Vivek Vaidya.

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